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A Study on the Parents Perspective Regarding the Impulse Buying behaviour of Children in Retail Outlets of Cochin City with Special Reference to Snacks

Sagini Thomas Mathai and Dr.A. Dharmaraj


The study was intended to find out the impulse buying behavior of children in snacks on a parent?s perspective. Children are having more independent decisions in purchasing snacks, confectioneries and other items related to them as compared to the earlier generations. Marketers are trying to attract the attention of the children by various means like advertisements, sales promotions, attractive packaging, free offers etc. The Children are also attracted by TV advertisements. The study also tried to analyze the impulse behaviour of children and the impact of it on the age and income of their parents. It was found out that the age of mother has an impact on the impulse buying behaviour. The study also shows that TV advertisement has an impact on the impulse buying behaviour of children.

Keywords: Impulse Buying Behaviour, Advertisement, Snacks.

Volume: 3 | Issue: Special Issue

Pages: 26-28

Issue Date: May , 2017

DOI: 10.9756/IJRAS.8153

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