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Critical Analysis of Khushwant Singhs Karma

Dr.C.N. Baby Maheswari


The story Karma demonstrates the famous proverb Pride comes before a fall. The word Karma in Hindu theology means good or bad luck, viewed as ensuing from ones action. Karma is about Sir Mohan Lal who always clinches the English ways and culture. Mohan Lal is a vizier and a barrister. Mohan Lals wife Lachmi is quite contrast to him. They both live in the same house but in different floor. They travel in the same train but in different compartment. She passively follows him, almost unwillingly or without any mental attachment. She feels that her relationship with her master and servant devoid of any emotional bond. Sir Mohan Lal always humiliates his wife. At last he was also humiliated by the british soldiers in the train.

Keywords: Karma, English Language, Humiliate, Culture.

Volume: 4 | Issue: 2

Pages: 06-07

Issue Date: August , 2018

DOI: 10.9756/IJRAS.8408

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