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Investigation of Managers' Perception about Employees' Learning Aptitude

Muhammad Faisal Aziz


Corporate sector is facing a cut throat competition these days. This competitive environment gives very less time to managers and supervisors to train their employees and make them learnt to meet their job requirements. Secondly business world is changing every day; people observe new technology, new products, fluctuation in demand, globalization, diverse work force and competent colleagues in their organizations. Employees have to take self-initiative for learning technology, systems, procedures and behaviors to meet the challenges of this competitive corporate environment. That shows a dire need of learning aptitude in employees of corporate sector. Managers have different perceptions about employees' learning aptitude. The study is conducted on corporate sector of three cities in Sultanate of Oman. Findings revealed that corporate mangers of this region of the country have not positive perception about employees' learning aptitude. Data analysis concluded that many managers have an ample disagreement or they are neutral that employees have learning aptitude. The lack of learning aptitude is a constraint to organizational performance. A large number of employees are not interested in learning by self initiative. That causes a hurdle in their career growth and a decreasing trend in their job performance. A social awareness and use of active learning methods in colleges and universities are desirable to create a better learning aptitude in employees.

Keywords: Corporate Sector, Learning Aptitude, Jo performance, Mangers' Prception

Volume: 2 | Issue: 4

Pages: 06-10

Issue Date: December , 2012

DOI: 10.9756/BIJDM.3167

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