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The Effect of Microstructure on 3 Body Abrasive Wear Behavior of Hardfacing Alloys

K.M. KenchiReddy and C.T. Jayadeva


Hardfacing is one of the most useful and economic ways to improve the performance of components submitted to severe wear conditions. A study was made to compare the microstructure and abrasion resistance of hardfacing alloys reinforced with primary chromium carbides, the hardfacing alloys were deposited onto M.S. plate by SMAW process. Two different commercial hardfacing electrodes were employed to investigate the effect of the microstructure.The abrasion tests were carried out in a dry sand-rubber wheel abrasion machine according to the procedure A of ASTM G65 standard. Microstructure characterization and surface analysis were made using optical and scanning electron microscope. The result shows that the wear resistance is determined by the size, shape, distribution and chemical composition of the carbides, as well as by the matrix microstructure. The best abrasion resistance was obtained in microstructure composed of chromium carbide alloy. Hardfacing is a deposition of different metal over the parent metal to achieve required properties.

Keywords: Abrasion resistance, Hardfacing alloys, Microstructure characterization, Wear mechanism.

Volume: 4 | Issue: 1

Pages: 14-23

Issue Date: February , 2014

DOI: 10.9756/BIJIEMS.4797

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