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Sliding Wear Behavior of Alumina/Tic Coated Steel Produced by Plasma Spray Technique

M. Mruthunjaya and K.I. Parashivamurthy


Carbide coatings exhibit good resistance to wear and has an increased hardness which increases the service life of equipments generally when the surfaces are exposed to critical atmosphere like in thermal power plants. The hard Alumina-Titanium carbide (Al2O3/TiC) carbide coating is developed on the steel by using thermal plasma spray technique. The composition of Al and TiC are varied in the ratio of 70/30, 65/35 and 60/40. Coated samples are analyzed using optical microscope, hardness test, sliding wear and corrosion test. Hard-faced samples are shows uniform distribution of Al2O3/TiC particles on the surface of steel. Surface hardness increases with increasing volume fraction of TiC. The coating of Al2O3/TiC with volume fraction of 30% TiC shows good corrosive resistance compared to other two coating specimens and coating with 40% of TiC has shows good wear resistance than the other two coatings.

Keywords: Corrosion, Microstructure, Plasma Spray, Sliding Wear

Volume: 4 | Issue: 1

Pages: 30-33

Issue Date: February , 2014

DOI: 10.9756/BIJIEMS.1876

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