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Assessment of Individual Household Waste Generation Quantity in Different Areas of Salem

U. Indirapriyadharshini, M. Adhiyaman, R. Santhosh Kumar and S. Venkatesan


Around the world as countries are struggling to arrive at an effective regulatory regime to manage the Municipal Solid Waste of Individual Household into their ecosystem. Considering that Individual Household comply with environmental regulations based on the level of enforcement and their ability to spend for Municipal Solid Waste Management, this project endeavours to sketch probable Municipal Solid Waste Management scenarios under various market-enforcement conditions and proposes possible strategies for effective regulatory regime in Salem. A manual survey was conducted through a questionnaire in 15 different areas of Salem district representing different taluks of Salem to account the primary household waste disposal strategy. A structured questionnaire is prepared which interrogates about types of waste generated, amount of waste generated in a home per day and disposal methods, whether compost pit exist or not. In all the 15 areas at different locations around a sample 10 houses were surveyed. The collected data were analyzed thoroughly and profound existing strategies in all the 15 places were found out. This survey is taken for 15 different areas of Salem which are Pannangkattur, R.E.Quarters, Neethipuram, K.Pudur, Sauripalayam, Avarangapalayam, Kannangkurichi, Mullaivadi, Allikuttai, Suramangalam, Udayapatti, Alagapuram, Shevapet, Jagairammapalayam and Narayanapuram.

Keywords: Manual Survey, Structured Questionnaire, Surveyed Places, Quantity of Waste Generated

Volume: 6 | Issue: 2

Pages: 28-30

Issue Date: April , 2016

DOI: 10.9756/BIJIEMS.7017

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