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Influence of Lean Management Practices on Quality in Construction Industries

T. Ravindaran, Dr.S. Anandakumar and Dr.V. Krishnamoorthy


The purpose of this study is to determine various dimensions affecting quality in the application of Lean management practices in construction industries. This has been accompanied in South India from May 2015 to January 2016. The scholars implemented random sampling method for gathering data from the respondents. Moreover, questionnaire method has been used by the researchers. The researchers also used Statistical tools like Cronbach's Alpha, Exploratory factor analysis and multiple regressions for the study. This study significantly identifies nine important factors of quality in Lean implementation. They are: Elimination of waste, top management involvement, empower the team, timely delivery, amplify learning, material planning, employee ability, lean knowledge and quality of materials. Out of the identified factors: Elimination of waste, empowering the team and employee ability has significant impact on the project quality. The consequence of this research would benefit the policy makers in enclosing suitable procedures involving lean implementation in construction industries.

Keywords: Elimination of Waste, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Material Planning, Multiple Regressions, Random Sampling

Volume: 6 | Issue: 2

Pages: 38-42

Issue Date: April , 2016

DOI: 10.9756/BIJIEMS.7089

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