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Experimental Investigation of Tool Wear of Single Point Cutting Tool Insert Using Different Lubricants: A Comparative Study

C. Ramesh Kannan, P. Padmanabhan and G. Arundeepan


In present investigation, the effect of lubrication on tool wear of single point cutting tool insert. The AISI4340 steel is turned with single point cutting tool insert with different lubricant Dry, Minimum Quantity Lubrication and Nano. Speed, feed, depth of cut are the input parameters at three levels and crater wear are considered as output response. On comparing these lubricants, Nano fluids seem to exhibit a better novel property that made it applicable to use it as a heat transfer medium in cutting zone. As a result carbide cutting tool insert with Nano lubrication have superior wear resistant followed by the Minimum Quantity Lubrication and Dry.

Keywords: Tool Wear, Lubricants, Turning Process

Volume: 6 | Issue: 4

Pages: 140-145

Issue Date: October , 2016

DOI: 10.9756/BIJIEMS.7622

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