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Performance Analysis of a MFVCR Engine in SI Mode using Variable Loading Conditions

Thokchom Subhaschandra Singh, Nimo Singh Khundrakpam, Prerana Nashine, Tikendra Nath Verma and Moon Banerjee


An analysis has been made on a multi fuel variable compression ratio internal combustion engine using gasoline as fuel. The performance characteristics of the engine usig CR8 with respect to variation in load have been performed. Five (5) different loading conditions such as No load, 2.5kg, 5.0kg, 7.5kg and 10.0 kg were taken for the study. The fuel consumption varies between 0.230 cm3/sec to 0.294 cm3/sec. The air consumed for the study has been found to range between 6.501 kg/hr to 15.6 kg/hr respectively. The exhaust gas has a temperature and pressure of 150°C and 1.034 bar respectively. The maximum heat release of 1107.55 Joules has been obtained from the 10.0kg loading condition.

Keywords: Combustion, Gasoline, Variable Loading, VCR.

Volume: 6 | Issue: 4

Pages: 174-176

Issue Date: December , 2016

DOI: 10.9756/BIJIEMS.8310

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