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A Novel Protection Method for Unsymmetrical Fault Detection of Overhead Transmission Line by Using DWT

M. Nandhini and S. Srinivasan


Now a days, Most of the faults that occur on power systems are Unsymmetrical faults. Since any unsymmetrical fault causes unbalanced currents to flow in the system. The new protection method is based on the measurements and analysis of the currents, voltages, frequency. Discrete wavelet technique based fuzzy controller for identifying the transmission line faults. Normally the transients are non stationary waves. Wavelets are best choice to analyses the transient signals. Protection of transmission line is very important because it is a vital component between the generating stations and end users. Sudden changes in lines can cause very dangerous impact on power system. Many researches are even going on to enhance the techniques to solve these problems. Various types of faults, like line to ground, double line to ground and three phase faults. By this technique, the voltage and current are fast provided by means of MATLAB/Simulink model.

Keywords: Discrete Wavelet Technique (DWT) based Fuzzy Controller, Fault Detection, Transmission Line.

Volume: 7 | Issue: 1

Pages: 01-05

Issue Date: October , 2017

DOI: 10.9756/BIJMMI.2214

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