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Enhancement of Grid Stability with A Possible Configuration of Motor-Generator Pair for Renewable Energy Integration

A. Sowmiya, A. Preethi and Dr.N. Mohana priyaa


The Synchronous generator, Converters does not have inherent inertia which is important for frequency response. More complex interaction induced by renewable energies causes problems of power system dynamics, for example damping oscillation. In addition, converters alone cannot support high fault current, leading to limitation of some existing control schemes during transient events. The stable operating condition and strategies of feedback control is ensured by using Synchronous Motor-generator pair is deal with capacity optimization for renewable energy to achieve grid connection. The rotor angle relation, active power regulation, small signal stability and frequency response are important for inertia and stability of grid. However, compared with converters, synchronous generator has some advantages to solve fore mentioned problems. Therefore, this study proposes a synchronous motor-generator pair (MGP) system with a stochastic fuzzy controller as a possible grid-connection way for high penetration of renewable energies with Fuzzy controller to improve stability. Finally, the simulation result has been derived in MATLAB /Simulink with the required formulation.

Keywords: Renewable Energy Integration, Inertia, Synchronous Motor-Generator Pair, Stochastic Fuzzy Controller.

Volume: 7 | Issue: 3

Pages: 1-7

Issue Date: October , 2017

DOI: 10.9756/BIJPSIC.2215

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