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Analysis of Circuit Breaker and Relays in Substations

N. Subha Lakshmi and S. Sarumathi


There is a necessity of circuit breaker replacement with Gas circuit breaker is to meet the day by day growing load demand, to reduce the down time to upgrade the system with current technology and to provide better protection to the substation power equipment's. To improve the efficiency and reliability and to provide the best quality of power and service to the end customer. Electromechanical relays will lag in functionalities and operations in compression with the current technology numerical relays. Numerical relays are more flexible in configuring the relay settings, having better reliability, multifunctional capability, multiple relay setting characteristics , digital communication capabilities. Numerical relays are modular based so it can be easily serviced/ replaced, Numerical relays have very less burden, having better sensitivity/selectivity, High speed operation (set/ reset), comprises auto resetting and self diagnostics features. Consumes very less space in comparison with electromechanical relays. In this paper the procedure for Gas circuit breaker and numerical relay replacement is illustrated with the substation reference drawing.

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Volume: 8 | Issue: 1

Pages: 01-04

Issue Date: February , 2018

DOI: 10.9756/BIJPSIC.8355

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