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Distributed System Framework for Mobile Cloud Computing

K. Arul Jothy, K. Sivakumar and M.J. Delsey


Todays global computing environment involves the vital role of the mobile cloud computing. Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) is the combination of cloud computing, mobile computing and wireless networks which brings rich computational resources to mobile users, network operators, as well as cloud computing providers. So its main goal is to provide the user rich experience. Now-a-day?s smart phones are facing problem like slow online speed, space insufficiency (small memory), and lower stand by time. So this problem can be overcome by placing alternating solution like placing power full battery and speed can be improved by connecting the device through blue tooth or any other wireless devices and in the cloud network the basic problem is the higher response time of nodes while performing data communication operation through co-operative cache [1]. This dominant problem can be overcome by applying the distributed system as a hub in the star topology. The distributed system is used as a central controller of the star topology. Any one of the controller among the distributed system keeps track of the status of all other devices during the communication and that device will share the status among the other entire device within its own system and it use the passive scan over the device for the communication. Another basic issue in the cloud storage is that it is not able to provide security to the data stored and accessed from it and not able to prevent from the hacker so it can be overcome by using KF sensor. [Using distributed system will efficiently maintain the failure of device without data loss].

Keywords: Mobile Cloud Computing, Co-operative Cache, Star Topology Network, Central Controller, KF sensor.

Volume: 8 | Issue: 1

Pages: 05-09

Issue Date: February , 2018

DOI: 10.9756/BIJRCE.8357

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