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Smart Home Security through NFC

Abhishek, Anurag, Reji Thomas and Dr.B. Shadaksharappa


Inspired by the ?Smart India? initiative, here we present you with our own idea of a Smart Home for the Smart India. As of now most of the people forget their keys in a hurry but no one forgets his Smartphone. So why not to make the smartphone as your security network to control your door? So now the security network can be governed by an NFC present in your phone or by programming an NFC tag to control your smart lock. NFC is known as Near Field Communication but it is limited to a distance of 10 cm maximum for the device to act. So just you need is a Smartphone with NFC and control your door lock with it. It?s very secure because NFC tags programmed to the lock can be ciphered and other than you no one can open it. If someone tries to open the lock with brute force the owner can be alarmed immediately.

Keywords: Brute Force, Ciphered, Smartphone, NFC.

Volume: 6 | Issue: Special Issue on Advances in Computer Science and Engineering and Workshop on Big Data Analytics Editors: Dr.S.B. Kulkarni, Dr.U.P. Kulkarni, Dr.S.M. Joshi and J.V. Vadavi

Pages: 15-17

Issue Date: October , 2016

DOI: 10.9756/BIJSESC.8235

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