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Achieving Security for Cloud Computing

J. Sabanayasmin, Dr.S. Periyasamy and Dr.K. Balamurugan


In this work mainly focus on how to provide data in security to the cloud environment users. Security is essential factor in the cloud services. Our proposed idea is provide a security to both cloud users and cloud providers. The Cloud Computing Adoption Framework (CCAF) is used for adopting and applying cloud security principles systematically. This framework has key features includes identification, data integrity, privacy and durability. The CCAF has three layers of security such as firewall and access control, identity management and intrusion prevention and convergent encryption. The firewall and access control layer performs intrusion protection used in CCAF to ensure that all data is safeguarded all the times. The second layer identity management and intrusion prevention operates on identifying the user and prevent the system from unauthorized access. The identity management is divided into three roles such as user, CCAF server and security manager. The user can create their own key to encrypt and decrypt the files and send it to the server for storage purpose. The CCAF server will perform three functionalities. First, it authenticates data during storage/retrieval purposes. Second, it can provide access control. Third, it can encrypt and decrypt the data between user and their cloud.

Keywords: Cloud Computing Framework, Firewall Access Control, Identity Management.

Volume: 6 | Issue: 2

Pages: 01-04

Issue Date: November , 2019

DOI: 10.9756/BIJNTA.9037

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