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Volume 2, Issue 1, 2012

Prediction of RNA Secondary Structure from Random Sequences using ZEM

Authors : Cinita Mary Mathew and G.H. Meera Krishna

Keywords : RNA, Secondary Structure, ZEM, Traceback Algorithm

Pages : 01-05

DOI : 10.9756/BIJDM.1017


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Efficient Classification of Data Using Decision Tree

Authors : Bhaskar N. Patel, Satish G. Prajapati and Dr. Kamaljit I. Lakhtaria

Keywords : Data Mining, Decision Tree, K-Means Algorithm

Pages : 06-12

DOI : 10.9756/BIJDM.1098


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Convergence of Optimization Problems

Authors : K. Jeyalakshmi

Keywords : Locally Convex Functions, Locally Convex Operators, Uniform Convergence, EPI-Convergence, Strong-Limit Superior, Weak-Limit Inferior

Pages : 13-16

DOI : 10.9756/BIJDM.1106


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Nonhomogeneous Oscillatory Vertically Stratified Flow between Two Porous Plates

Authors : L. Prasanna Venkatesh, S. Ganesh and K.B. Naidu

Keywords : Oscillatory Stratified Flow, Density Distribution, Stratification Parameter, Brunt ? Vaisala Frequency, Boussinesq Approximation, Similarity Transformation

Pages : 17-22

DOI : 10.9756/BIJDM.1109


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On γ - generalized α - Continuous Mappings in Topological Spaces

Authors : N. Kalaivani and G. Sai Sundara Krishnan

Keywords : γ -g α Continuous Mappings, γ -g α Irresolute Mappings

Pages : 23-27

DOI : 10.9756/BIJDM.1108


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