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Volume 7, Issue 1, 2017

Identification of Money Laundering based on Financial Action Task Force Using Transaction Flow Analysis System

Authors : Dr.G. Krishnapriya

Keywords : The Financial Sector, Money Laundering, Potential Transaction, Sequence Mining.

Pages : 01-04

DOI : 10.9756/BIJIEMS.8314


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Enhanced Temperature Control in Disc Brakes

Authors : P. Sylvester Selvanathan and R. Govindaraj

Keywords : Disc Brakes, Temperature Problem, Convection Principle.

Pages : 05-08

DOI : 10.9756/BIJIEMS.8316


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Simple and Efficient Blood Glucose Measurement Technique Using Non Invasive Artificial Intelligence

Authors : Asif Khan and Dr. Shahab Khushnood

Keywords : Benedicts Reagent, Colour Sensor, Neural Network, HSI Colour Format, Diabetes Mellitus.

Pages : 09-13

DOI : 10.9756/BIJIEMS.8320


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A Study on Mapping Internet Exchange Points based on their Peering Matrixes and Shed Lights

Authors : Dr. Najumul Saqib and Imran Sajid Shahid

Keywords : Internet Exchange Point, Peering, Internet Service Provider.

Pages : 14-19

DOI : 10.9756/BIJIEMS.8321


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Complete Analysis of Fault Tolerance Schemes in Mobile Agents for a Reliable Mobile Agent Computation

Authors : Elijah and Muhammad Naveed Dilber

Keywords : Mobile Agent, Fault Tolerance, Check Pointing, Rollback Recovery.

Pages : 20-24

DOI : 10.9756/BIJIEMS.8322


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Android Mobile Guardian System Security Architecture for Handset and Data Security

Authors : So-Ra Han and Mason Noah

Keywords : --

Pages : 25-28

DOI : 10.9756/BIJIEMS.8323


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Intelligent Mobility Model with a New Optimistic Clustering Approach for MANETs

Authors : Aiden and Seoul-Hee Nam

Keywords : Ad-hoc, Mobility Model, Clustering.

Pages : 29-31

DOI : 10.9756/BIJIEMS.8324


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