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A Survey on Big Data Security and Related Techniques to Improve Security

Authors : R. Gowsalya and Dr.P. Thirumoorthy

Keywords : Security, Authentication, Information Secrecy, Data Node, NoSQL, Hadoop and Map Reduce.

Pages : 01-04

DOI : 10.9756/BIJSESC.9011


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A Study of Data Storage Security Issues in Cloud Computing

Authors : P. Sabarisha Malathi and Dr.D. Vanathi

Keywords : Cloud Computing, Knowledge Storage, Cloud Storage Server.

Pages : 05-07

DOI : 10.9756/BIJSESC.9012


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Review of Data Mining Classification Techniques

Authors : S. Gowtham and S. Karuppusamy

Keywords : Grouping, Expectation, Class Mark, Demonstrate, Classifications.

Pages : 08-11

DOI : 10.9756/BIJSESC.9013


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IOT based Accident Preventing and Reporting System

Authors : Prakritee Dev, Jolly Valour Syiemiong, Olbanisha Iawphniaw and Rinchen Doma Bhutia

Keywords : Accident Monitoring, Smartphone, GSM, GPS, Sensors, SMS, Website.

Pages : 12-15

DOI : 10.9756/BIJSESC.9014


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3D Adventure Game Using Unity

Authors : R. Raguman, M. Santhakumar, X.P. Thomas and M. Revathi

Keywords : --

Pages : 16-20

DOI : 10.9756/BIJSESC.9015


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A Survey on Analysis of Chronic Diseases Prediction in Big Health Care Data Using IoT-WBANs

Authors : L. Abirami and J. Karthikeyan

Keywords : Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs), Group of Send-Receive Model (GSRM), Homomorphic Encryption Based on Matrix (HEBM), Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs), Secure and Privacy-Preserving Opportunistic Computing Framework (SPOC), Privacy-Preserving Sca

Pages : 21-25

DOI : 10.9756/BIJSESC.9016


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Detection of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome from Ultrasound Images Using SIFT Descriptors

Authors : C. Gopalakrishnan and M. Iyapparaja

Keywords : Canny, Follicles, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Scale Invariant Feature Transform, Support Vector Machines.

Pages : 26-30

DOI : 10.9756/BIJSESC.9017


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Hybridization Approach to Classify Big Data Using Social Internet of Things

Authors : S. Devaarul and M. Iyapparaja

Keywords : --

Pages : 31-35

DOI : 10.9756/BIJSESC.9018


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Networks Flaws and Filtering Using KNOD Algorithms

Authors : B. Bhasker and Dr.S. Murali

Keywords : Node Failure Detection, Localized Monitor, FPS, Network Traffic, Failure Node.

Pages : 36-39

DOI : 10.9756/BIJSESC.9019


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Pollution Monitoring and Controlling System Using Global System for Mobile Communication Network

Authors : S. Kavitha and Dr.S. Sutha

Keywords : --

Pages : 40-42

DOI : 10.9756/BIJSESC.9020


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