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We progress the never ending challenges faced by the pioneers of images processing and serve the advancement in multidisciplinary applications of image processing for both academic and industrial researchers. We encircle the infinite technique and algorithm in the application field of image processing with theoretical and experimental analysis.kız yurdu


Communication of Visual Data, Document Image Understanding, Generation and Display, Holography, Image Capturing, Image Analysis and Interpretation, Image Generation, Image Databases, Video Coding Algorithms and Technologies for ATM, Visual Inspection, Signal-Processing Aspects of Image Processing, Image Retrieval, Scene Modeling, Image Manipulation, Image Permanence, Image Processing Applications, Image Processing: Coding, Image Analysis and Recognition, Image Representation, Image Sensing, Imaging Systems and Image Scanning, Latent Image, Materials for Electro-Photography, Remote Image Sensing, New Visual Services over ATM/Packet Network, Non-Impact Printing Technologies, Image Modeling and Knowledge Acquisition, Protocols for Packet Video, Photographic Emulsions

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