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To solve the novel challenges and complex solutions in diversity of data mining applications and its range of related areas. We profound the continual progress and support through our publications annually to accomplish the anticipation of the researchers of data mining.


Biological data pre-processing and cleaning, Biological data visualization, Biological data integration and management, Phylogenetics, Biomedical ontologies construction/management, Microarray data analysis, Protein/RNA structure prediction, Genomics and proteomics, Drug design, Biomedical literature data mining, Modeling of biomolecular pathways, Whole, multiple genome comparison, Systems biology and pathways, Biological data curation, Data Pre-Processing, Data Transformation and Dimensionality Reduction, Feature Extraction and Feature Selection, Data Mining Algorithms, Data Analytics Foundations, Real-time Mining, Data Stream Mining, and Dynamic Data Mining, Visual Mining and Data Visualization, Statistical Learning Theory and Neural Network Research, Graph Mining and Semi-Structured Data, Spatial and Temporal Data Mining, Uncertainty Modeling in Data Mining, Web Mining, E-Commerce, E-Business and E-Learning, Web Information Systems, Web Content Generation and Management, Database Technology, Data Modeling and Engineering, Multimedia Technology, Healthcare Applications and Medical Diagnosis, Security and Forensic Applications, Convergence of Data Mining and Intelligent IT Applications, How Data Mining Techniques have been used in IT Applications, Agent-based Data Analysis and Knowledge Discovery, Intelligent Multi-gent Systems, Intrusion Detection and Access Control Techniques, Data-mining Applications for Terrorist Network Tracing, Crime Modeling, Fraud and Misuse Detection, Credit Scoring, Financial Modeling and Forecasting, CRM, e-Marketing and e-Commerce Recommender, Web Intelligence, Prediction Systems, Knowledge Management

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