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Bonfring International Journal of Man Machine Interface

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Bonfring International Journal of Man Machine Interface aims to serve the academic and corporate R&D community to encapsulate the linkage between man and machine related domains. We cordially serve the wide knowledge to the greater community of researchers, practicing engineers, and industrial professionals who deal with designing, implementing or utilizing man machine interface.


Innovative Interaction Techniques, Multimodal Interaction, Speech Interaction, Graphic Interaction, Natural Language Interaction, Interaction in Mobile and Embedded Systems, Interface Design and Evaluation Methodologies, Design and Evaluation of Innovative Interactive Systems, User Interface Prototyping and Management Systems, Ubiquitous Computing, Wearable Computers, Pervasive Computing, Affective Computing, Peer to Peer Communication between Intelligent Systems, Ontologies, Knowledge Technologies, Semantic Web Systems, Human-Computer Interaction Theory, Virtual Reality, Empirical Studies of user Behavior, Empirical Studies of Programming and Software Engineering, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Computer Mediated Communication, Mixed and Augmented Reality, Intelligent user Interfaces, Intelligent Tutoring, Coaching and Debugging Systems, Interactive Decision Support Systems, Agent-based Computing, Agent Models, Co-ordination and Communication, Human Language Technologies and Machine Learning in Interactive Systems, Knowledge Acquisition, Discovery, Modelling and Management

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