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Volume 5, Issue 2, 2018

Tagging in IoT Category based Applications Using Vitality Proficient Geospatial Technique

Authors : C. Gopalakrishnan and M. Iyapparaja

Keywords : IOT, LOT, Two-Way Time-of-Arrival Ranging TW ? TOA, Wireless Sensor Networks(WSN), Localization, Audibility

Pages : 01-05

DOI : 10.9756/BIJNTA.8373


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Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Reach Centroid Algorithm

Authors : M. Vazralu and Novy Jacob

Keywords : WSN, Centroid, Localization

Pages : 06-08

DOI : 10.9756/BIJNTA.8374


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Identify the Shortest Path in Wireless Sensor Network using of Routing Information Protocols

Authors : J. Suneetha, Srinivasa Rao and Swetha Koduri

Keywords : Routing Algorithm, OSPF, RIP, LSP, Authentication

Pages : 09-11

DOI : 10.9756/BIJNTA.8375


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Survey on Data Aggregation through Orthogonal Set Method for Wireless Sensor Network

Authors : N.S. Kavitha and Dr.G. Singaravel

Keywords : Wireless sensor network, Data Aggregation, path direction of data, Orthogonal Set functions

Pages : 12-14

DOI : 10.9756/BIJNTA.8376


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A Review of Big Data Examination in Medicinal Services and Government

Authors : S. Devaarul and M. Iyapparaja

Keywords : -

Pages : 15-17

DOI : 10.9756/BIJNTA.8377


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Video Quality Assessment for Concurrent Multipath Transfer

Authors : M. Saravanan and Dr.S. Nithya Kalyani

Keywords : Video Streaming, Concurrent Multipath Transfer, Stream Control Transfer Protocol, Video Quality Assessment

Pages : 18-20

DOI : 10.9756/BIJNTA.8378


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SAP HANA-Database: Inter Organisation Cooperations with SAP Systems Perspectives on Data Management for Business Applications

Authors : M. Divya, M. Gayathri, K. Sangeetha and S. Anguraj

Keywords : -

Pages : 21-25

DOI : 10.9756/BIJNTA.8379


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